The River Room Is Looking for Worshipers
The River Room Coffeehouse Church is a miracle of God's provision. We have seen an Amazing God do some amazing things. We have seen relationships flourish; members of various churches unite in worship; bodies restored, healed and refreshed; and souls saved for an eternity. Each Saturday night, The River Room hosts "Saturday Night Concerts of Praise and Worship." Christian artists and groups share their hearts, their music, their ministries ... to a hungry body of believers who love Jesus. They come wanting more of Jesus; seeking peace and comfort after a long work week; and desiring to gather with their brothers and sisters in the presence of their ever-loving Father. We've been blessed with worship ministries from up and down the East Coast who have traveled to Virginia Beach to lead us in a night of worship and praise. It is a joy to know there are so many talented men and women of God, so willing to serve Him through their music ministries. We aren't looking to be a venue for individuals to showcase their musical abilities. We aren't looking for a concert by Christian musicians to entertain us. We want to worship Him ... through music ... just like David did. So we want those who come to The River Room, to come ready to share their hearts; come ready to share their story of redemption; to share the story behind their songs and their music; to come ready to praise God, to thank God, and to share their love for God through their love songs. The worship and praise on Saturday nights is is so remarkable and only by the grace of God, as we are a small (really small) church with limited finances. These groups and individuals come to share their hearts for the Lord for a love offering. Of course we all know that God will bless them in ways the we never could have imagined. If you would like to worship with us, and provide a night of worship and praise through your music ministry, you can contact us by email:
The River Room’s Concerts of Praise are only on Saturday nights, with occasional special nights of worship on Fridays.
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