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Jennifer singing “Dwelling Places” with Sonny and Sandy Maggi at The River Room
Jennifer Umstot has been part of the vision and life of The River Room from the first day we opened our doors. She is one of the hosts, always there with a smile on her face, and ready to worship with you.
Jennifer singing “Revelation Song” with Sonny and Sandy Maggi
Hostest with the mostest
Jennifer is now one of the singers for The Xchange. You can find more photos and more music with her in it on their band page.
Jennifer Umstot invited to sing along with Genesis Marcum at The River Room.
Jennifer singing “The More I Seek You“ with Lion’s Heart
Listen to more music by Jennifer on The River Room YouTube Music Channel
Jennifer singing with Tery Wilkins and Michelle Littman of Lions Heart
Jennifer singing with Matt Thien from California, Maryland ... founder of 10 Songs 10 Days
Singing with Sandee Maggi above, and with Sonny Maggi, Genesis Marcum, Rod Collins, Tom Tierney, Larry Walters and Dan Maggi
(Click) Jennifer Umstot music playlist on The River Room’s Youtube Music Channel
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