Christmas Carols symbolize everything that Christmas stands for: They gather family and friends together, bring joy, spread the word about Christmas, and make everyone feel the Christmas spirit. Need a little joy this Christmas season .... love to sing ... well Saturday night at The River Room is the place to be ... everyone is invited to experience the Christmas Spirit with a karaoke night of Christmas Carols.
If you've never been to The River Room before on a Saturday night, you will find that it is a great place to meet your friends for a relaxed, fun-filled night in a spirit-filled Christian coffeehouse environment ... Everyone is encouraged to have a great time in the Lord. Enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, hot teas and chocolate, or one of our yummy desserts. We are in 'the upper room' of the ABNB building located at 4524 Wishart Rd., Virginia Beach 23455 ... just off of Independence Blvd. at Haygood Shopping Center. The River Room occupies the entire 3rd floor. Admission is free, but if you can, please bring a canned good or dried food product which will be donated to the hungry and needy in our community.
This Saturday December 9th 8 til 10 pm
Admission is Free and everyone is invited to either sing along, and enjoy your friends in their merriment on stage.
4524 Wishart Road 3rd Floor of ABNB Virginia Beach 23455 Off Independence Blvd at Haygood Shopping Center
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