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Beth Champion Mason is a singer, songwriter, recording  artist, producer, and radio show host, among other things.  She believes her calling is to help other people discover  THEIR calling.  The ministry that God has called her to often  finds her performing concerts and special events that use  her story and her songs to help inspire and equip people to  find their calling, as well as leading worship--both at home  and around the country.  Beth says, “There are a few areas that are especially close  to my heart:  Recovery ministries, youth ministries, and  women's ministries.  Because God called me out of a very  lost past and saved me from a dark future, I know that God is  able to do that for anyone!  I am privileged to be half of the  "Road to Recovery Tour" with Leah Martensen -- together we  travel all over the country sharing our stories at Recovery  groups and churches, and we get to see first-hand that God  is still in the business of turning lives around!  (If you are  involved in a Recovery group and would like to have us  come, we would love to talk to you. Please send me an  email.)  But because my life started going south in my teen  years, I am really passionate about reaching teens before  they reach the point of giving in to the peer pressure around  them -- which is why I love doing youth events too, whether  leading worship for retreats, Disciple Now weekends, and  camps, or doing special event concerts.  
An Introduction to Beth Champion Mason’s Music Ministry
Set Free
Beautiful Lie
Beth Champion Mason at The River Room
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